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EdR Prifund Alpha Uncorrelated Non-directional strategies

Non-directional strategies
Change in NAV (30/11/2017)
97.75 GBP
Alternative  investment committee–LU1252642126–
Alternative investment committee
The identity of the managers presented in this document may change during the life of the product.
Risk and reward profile (1)
97.75 GBP
Change in NAV (30/11/2017)
Risk and reward profile
Recommended holding period
Change in NAV (30/11/2017)
97.75 GBP
Risk and reward profile
Recommended holding period
Alternative investment committee  
The identity of the managers presented in this document may change during the life of the product.

Investment objective

The objective of the Sub-Fund is to provide long-term optimum growth of your capital by investing in “alternative management” funds (hedge funds).

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Commentary 31/10/2017

Global financial markets posted gains in October, led by Asia and the US equity markets. Large cap technology names and energy related names led US sector gains. Global interest rates were little changed for the month, with small increases in shorter dated maturities. The US Dollar appreciated against most major currencies, notably against the EUR, the GBP, the CHF and the JPY. Commodities globally appreciated led by energy and oil, copper, palladium, aluminium and sugar, while gold, natural gas, coffee, corn and wheat were down.In that context, our Hedge Funds posted gains led by equity based strategies and quantitative CTAs. Our six CTAs and systematic quantitative diversified strategies surged during the month with +2.0%, recouping the losses incurred earlier in the year during Q2. Trend Following models performed well as the US Dollar appreciated against all major currencies and oil appreciated. Returns in CTA strategies were driven by diversified exposures across all asset classes, including equity indices, commodities and currencies. Our Multi-Strategy managers were up for the month from gains in equity relative value trading and distressed strategies. Equity Market Neutral strategies were also positive led by quantitative approaches in mean reverting and factor based strategies, whilst fundamental managers posted mixed performances. Our six Macro managers were positive for the month from exposure to Emerging Markets, the US dollar and oil related names. This brings the YTD performance of our Macro managers to +3.3% YTD. Our Event Driven managers produced mixed performances in October with strong gains in Special Situations equity exposures (ex. Altaba/Yahoo, Alibaba, Time Warner) and mixed results from M&A strategies. Our Fixed Income & Credit managers were flat for the month due to short rates positions and FX exposure. At the end of the month, we have added a new Equity Market Neutral manager active in artificial intelligence, and increased further the allocation to Non-Directional Equities (+4.0%), whilst reducing the allocation to Macro (-2.5%), Event Driven (-1.0%) and CTAs (-0.5%).

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Change in NAV

Chart – Base 100 (30/11/2017)
You are about to download the historical data for a portfolio. Please note that past performance is not an indication of future performance and it may vary over time. They may be affected, for example, by changes in exchange rates

Performance B-GBP Cumulative Annualised

Since 01/01/2017 1 Year 3 Year 5 year Since inception

Share class (B-GBP)

Market index


Share class (B-GBP)

Market index

*Rolling periods

Annual performance


VolatilitySharpe ratioMax. drawdownAlpha
Share class B-GBPMarket indexShare class B-GBPMarket indexShare class B-GBPMarket indexShare class B-GBPMarket index
1 Year*3.38 %0.03 %0.95 %-0.85 %1.30 %
3 Year *
Max. monthly gain Since inception0.80 %
Max. monthly loss Since inception-1.23 %
Share class B-GBP
Market index
1 Year* 3 Year * 1 Year* 3 Year *
Volatility 3.38 % 0.03 %
Tracking Error
Sharpe ratio 0.95 %
Alpha 1.30 %
Max. monthly loss -1.23 %
Max. monthly gain 0.80 %
Max. drawdown -0.85 %

Fund information

Inception Date (Fund)
Inception Date (Part)
Legal form
Market index
JPMorgan Cash Index GBP Currency 1 Month
Currency (fund)
Currency (share class)
Distribution Policy
Valuation frequency
Official Monthly / Technical Wednesday
AuM (fund)
6 M (USD)
Regulatory authority
EU Regulation
Management company
Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management (Luxembourg)
Delegated Management Company
Edmond de Rothschild (Suisse) S.A.
Maximum management fee
1,250 %
Current management fee
1.250 %
Subscription fee
5.00 % max
Redemption fee
3.00 % max

Fund documentation

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(1) The rating grades the funds on a scale from 1 to 7. This rating system is based on the average fluctuations of the net asset value over the past five years. It corresponds to the variation range of the portfolio upwards and downwards. If the net asset value is less than 5 years old, the rating is determined by other regulatory calculation methods. Historical data such as those used to calculate the rating may not be a reliable indication of the future risk profile. The current category is neither a guarantee nor an objective. Category 1 does not signify a risk-free investment.